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EXECUTIVE DECISIONS is an integrated marketing communications (IMC) firm committed to providing clients and their customers a prime level of business and consumer service.


it brings forth the concept of integrated marketing communications approach, realizing that no single tool will do the job effectively.


Its mission is to enlighten and sustain clients, attaining cost effectiveness and excellence in the formulation and execution of their marketing strategies to help sharpen their competitive edge.


It shall earnestly from partnership with clients to bring around better products and services for their consumers towards the attainment of better life.




To always be a dynamic self-evolving company in the service of clients and their customers through marketing service excellence, allowing itself to be an instrument of marketing enlightenment to the business industry and the community at large.

The intense desire to e innovative. To take on a more pro-active stance in looking for solutions to the problems.
The Firm’s commitment to produce creative means of effectively communicating with the client’s various publics, of providing innovative solutions to challenging marketing situations and pro-active ways to seize opportunities for the client’s products & services.

The commitment to deliver a highly competitive service level.
The Firm’s passionate determination to deliver a consistent level of quality service to clients, elevating the relationship from a mere supply chain coordinate to a genuinely mutually beneficial partnership.

Cost Efficiency 
The resourcefulness to provide the requirements at cost effective level. A Firm that gives service at “high value, good cost” terms.The Firm’s exercise of leverage and resourcefulness results in efficiently providing clients their requirements at the best value possible. 

The Firm's ability to share in the vision of the client, and comprehend the relevance of the particular project to the big picture.
The ability to share in the vision of the client, to see the big picture.