IMC made Easy!

Communicating with customers has evolved.
Have you?

Evolve or perish
, that’s the evolutionary call.

In an ever changing business environment, you have to keep your competitive edge ever sharp.
You’ll always need a support team to help you sell your products, programs & services through effective integrated marketing communications that move with the times.

That’s where we come in, partnering with you in executing your marcom programs.
Consider us as your competitive edge.  
To integrate or not to integrate, that is not the question. Question is, can a business entity really afford not to integrate its marketing efforts in this fast pace age of information?

The consequence of failing could lead to corporate death, slow or otherwise, no exaggeration here.

As we advance further in the modern arena of cutting edge marketing, companies begin to realize what they have known all the time – that they cannot rely solely on conventional communication tools, much less use them in isolate independence, but rather need to communicate their messages in a cohesive way through as many relevant interconnected marketing avenues as necessary. And this is where the principle of integrated marketing communications comes in. 

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)  
is the method of carefully coordinating all promotional activities to produce a consistent, unified message that is customer-focused. It is a discipline where the marketing tools of advertising, promotions, public relations, and personal selling not only form parts of the whole but play dynamic, even innovative, roles.
IMC realigns marketing communications to look at the picture as the consumer sees it – as a flow of information from indistinguishable sources. It aims to create synergy, which means each tool has more impact working jointly to promote a product or service than it would if working on its own. That is, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Reasons for applying IMC in one’s organization include greater efficiency, building stronger customer loyalty, more powerful impact and cost effectiveness.IMC increases the probability of success in carrying out the communication objectives of:
a. informing the target audience
b. persuading the target audience
c. reminding the target marketin promoting a company, product or service.

Thus, IMC may just be the blueprint for success of a company’s marketing efforts, in establishing its all-important image, creating competitive advantage and having a sustained long-term relationship with its customers.

Lastly, timing is also critical in implementing IMC. And there can be no better time to start putting it into action than now.