Executive Decisions is an integrated marketing communications (IMC) firm that provides either full or specific marketing services to clients belonging to different business industries.

Executive Decisions easily adapts to the client's business ways of working for a seamless project integration and collaboration.

Mission Statement

Executive Decisions IMC Firm is an integrated marketing communications company commited to providing clients a prime level of service, attaining cost effectiveness and excellence in the formulation and execution of their marketing undertakings to help sharpen their competitive edge.

It shall earnestly cultivate partnerships with clients to bring around better products and services for the benefit of their customers towards the attainment of better life.

Vision Statement

To be a perennially dynamic self-evolving company serving as the go-to IMC agency of clients for their marketing communication needs.


1998Executive Decisions was founded on February 02, 1998. Advocating IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) which was then a relatively novel concept.
2000Executive Decisions was incorporated into EDIMCF Corp.
2001Team ED was formed to brand and focus on the company’s banner service of professional events management.
2004Regional offices in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao were installed for nationwide and local execution of projects.
2005True North ArtHouse graphic and video arts unit is formed to strengthen the creative services.
2006T.E.A.M.P.L.A.Y. promo and activations unit formed to accommodate staffing and field deployment, and promos and brand activations and be given the full attention they deserve.
2007ED Talents & Events is created to oversee talent sourcing and handling, providing various talents for shoots, speaking engagements, guest performances, casting, print modelling.
2010ED Talents & Events becomes Flair! Talent Bureau.
2011ED forms strategic alliance with then pioneering Outpost Visual Frontier to form ED/Outpost prod & post-prod house.
2012ED starts to get international clients, primarily based in HK and Singapore.
2014Alliances with like-minded agencies in South East Asia are forged.
2015ED transfers its main offices to its own The IMC Block building.
2018ED evolved its prod & postprod house to Creative Caboose, a very dynamic startup.
2019ED steps up with digital services.
2020A dawn of new challenges waiting to be conquered and celebrated.